is Professor Emeritus of The Humanities, History and Interdisciplinary Studies. His teaching interests and research experience is in cultural history with a special concentration on spa cultures, civilizations and the new cosmology. Other fields of interest include natural therapeutic health care systems, spa medicine, hydrotherapy,  balneology and “The Kur Course”, which he has taught at universities, colleges, spas and health resorts around the world. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor, a Texas Registered Massage Therapist.  He owns and directs The Alamo Plaza Spa at the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. De Vierville received his Bachelor and Master of Arts in American Studies from Bowling Green State University, Master of Social Work from The Worden School of Social Work, Our Lady of the Lake, University in San Antonio.  His Ph.D. from The Department of American Studies and Civilization at the University of Texas, Austin, where he wrote a two-volume dissertation: A History of American Spas and Healing Waters.  In Europe he attended the University of Copenhagen and trained at The C. G. Jung Institute for Analytical Psychology, Zurich and Sebastian Kneipp School of Physiotherapy, Bad Wörishofen, Germany. 

He has taught analytical, depth and archetypal psychology and clinical psychotherapy at the post-graduate level.  He has presented at numerous World Congresses of Health Resort Medicine and Spa Therapy, Global Spa Summits in the USA, Europe and Asia as well as at conferences of the International Society for the Study of Dreams and International Society for the Study of Comparative Civilizations.  He served as a Board Member and Secretary for the International Spa Association and Foundation, the Board of Directors for the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology and the Green Spa Network.  Currently he serves as vice president for The Balneology Association of North America.

Annually he facilitates "Spa Cultures, Dreams Times & Conscious Cosmos”: an experiential spa cultural seminar at The Liquid Sound Temple" in Bad Sulza near Weimar, Germany. As a recipient of an American Education Foundation Fellowship he participated in an in-depth ecological seminar on The New Cosmology at Schumacher College in England, where also he became involved in first-hand field research into the mysterious phenomena of Crop Circles.  Recently Dr. De Vierville was honored by the International Spa Association as “The Dedicated Contributor” to the Spa Industry and Profession.

Prof. Jonathan Paul De Vierville,

Ph.D.,  M.S.S.W., L.C.S.W., L.P.C.